Top 9 Weirdest Massages You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone knows about Thai and Swedish massage. You won’t surprise anyone with recovery or pain-relief massages. However, the world of massages ain’t over yet: there are still tons of practices and techniques you’ve never heard of. Of course, you probably won’t find any of those in the nearest spa salons, but they could be worth trying if you live in a bigger city.

  1. Che Nei Tsang.
    Right now many westerners turn to eastern medicine and try to heal themselves that way. Che Nei Tsang is something like that, with people massaging your internal organs. People literally tell that they can feel organs moving in their bodies. While the practice seems kind of odd, it’s becoming really popular. Some people believe that Che Nei Tsang can help you with infertility, stomach issues and even back pains!
  2. Bamboo massage.
    Do you need to strip your muscles? Are you an athlete? Do you want to pay to be beaten up with bamboo sticks? All of these you can find with tapotement, bamboo massage. When a masseur is armed with a padded stick and they hit you mildly (but not always), you start questioning your own sanity. However, bamboo massage works amazingly! It’s one of the best treatments for muscled people who can’t relax or experience muscle seizures from time to time.
  3. Cactus massage.
    Quite a common thing in Mexico, actually. You don’t really get rubbed with cactus, the thorns are pulled out in advance. The cactus is also boiled before it actually touches your skin. While it sounds weird, many people pay for this kind of massage. It’s commonly thought that you can find plenty of great vitamins for skin in cactuses.
  4. Snail massage.
    If you notice snail’s slime being used in cosmetics, you should know they use those slippery little guys for facial massage too. They literally put snails on your skin and let them sit there for a while. It’s considered that their slime is the best treatment for acne and skin with different conditions, as it boosts regeneration.
  5. Blind massage.
    In some countries, you can find massage salons where all of the masseurs are blind. While you can understand that blind people supposedly have more sensitive touch and can cope with massage better, it’s still kind of weird to go to one of those places.
  6. Fascial Release Therapy.
    This is quite a rare type of medical massage. It’s hard to perform it and it asks for more time than another type of massage, it really helps people with pains and chronic conditions. It helps to take the pain away and gives you a chance to feel flexible again.
  7. Twig massage.
    Technically, a very Russian thing. They normally do it in a sauna, beating each other with heated twigs. That is sometimes very rough and is usually carried out by regular people (not professionals). Some people say it boosts your immune systems and helps your skin, but that’s a cruel type.
  8. Fire massage.
    Ancient Chinese used to practically light up Molotov cocktails on their skin. Some people still do it. They soak a piece of cloth in alcohol and then add chemicals to it, then light it up and leave it for a few seconds. It’s a life-threatening and even scary technique.
  9. Tickling.
    Tickling massage actually originated in Europe, in Spain. You will lay down and a masseur will tickle you slightly on your face, arms, shoulders, stomach. They believe it actually helps to lower your stress levels. Moreover, kings and queens enjoyed this type of activity.

As you see, there are tons of weird massage techniques you’ve never heard of and you probably don’t want to try. Some of those, like tickling, actually sound fun, but a few others are very dangerous and aren’t practiced much now. However, if you still want to try that fire massage, some places in China probably still do that. There is an incredible massage therapist in Stony Plain, AB if you’re not into the bizarre techniques discussed above.