Our Equipment

Our salon grows and expands each year, hiring more people and changing our services. We started with a radio and a massage table, and now we can proudly show you plenty of other massage tools. If you come to try out our service, you will get exclusive treatment and enjoy amazing amenities.

We have 6 workers now who all have different rooms. Each of their rooms possesses the following equipment:

  • Massage table and stool.
  • Towel cabinet.
  • Cabinets for oils and lotions.
  • A designated area for a client to leave their stuff at.
  • Cabinets for decoration and massage additions (stones, sticks, essential oils).

If you as a client need something else, you can always ask our masseur and they might be able to help you. Our masseurs can turn on music for you or dim the light a little bit, whatever you need for your comfort.

We also sell various equipment for massage. If you’re interested in getting stones for massage, different oils, cremes or aroma sticks, you might get those in our place. There are always free samples and different items for sale at the front desk. You can decorate your house or bring some interesting smells into your life. Some people also use essential oils for meditation and spiritual practices.

As we carry out different types of massage, we have various equipment for all of those kinds we offer you. We have bamboo sticks, hot stones and many skin treatments. We are always happy to work with you if you want to offer us cooperation.

We are also planning to expand our building and make it bigger to add more rooms and hire more people. Hopefully, after a few years our business will change, so we would offer more services to the locals. We work hard to add something new to our routine and try to educate our workers on different types of massage.