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Choosing Between a Male and a Female Massage Therapist

Posted by Florence Stewart on

When it comes to massage people tend to encounter a very spicy and awkward topic, namely, how to choose a good massage therapist in Spruce Grove. It’s hard enough to find a good salon which would give you nice prices and comfortable environment, but finding a right person is even worse. One of the biggest points of doubt is choosing between male and female masseur.

It’s funny that both sexes generally choose female masseurs more often. The majority of women tend to check out female masseurs as they feel more comfortable, knowing that a girl won’t judge them or make them blush. That is especially true when you have to be naked on a massage table.

Male salon visitors tend to check out female masseurs, as they view the process as something intimate. They are also generally more afraid of make masseurs being gay, as research data shows. Due to these reasons, the vast majority (about 87%) of masseurs are female.

Moreover, some salons don’t even hire men, which is just ridiculous and discriminating! The scientific data also shows that post-trauma or deep tissue massages carried out by men are generally better. The scientists connect it to the fact that men have more upper body strength that allows them to massage the parts of tissue that are harder to reach.

Of course, there is generally more trouble associated with male masseurs, as many women later report them to the front desks, accusing them of touching women inappropriately. However, these cases are practically non-existent now.

Moreover, the Millennials, especially younger Millennials who are less self-conscious tend to say “I don’t care” when they are asked to choose between a male and a female masseur.

It’s also interesting that more male masseurs are choosing to work with harder conditions, pain relief massage and massage that helps people with heavy medical conditions to live a normal life. They are also dealing with athletes frequently. That way, when you’re going to a salon for a deep tissue or you want to get a good muscle massage, you might want to request a male therapist.

While you might feel more scared at first, a professional masseur will help you relax and with the help of good music, aroma scents and gentle words of a pro, you will forget your anxiety. Plus, choosing a male masseur might be an interesting experience and perspective for you.

If you don’t let your anxiety get in the way, you might have one of the best massages in your life, as a male worker would apply more strength and will make your muscles work harder than any woman would.