About Us

We believe that massage is more than just a way to rest and de-stress. Our locally owned salon was created by people who worked as masseurs for years before they even started about creating a new business. All of us working here are enthusiasts and we decided to start our own salon, as we believe we can deliver better services. Our workers are qualified and talented and they love to work with people and with their bodies.

We try to gather around those people who will always be passionate about their job and not just “need a job”. That what makes our business great and profitable.

As soon as we created a company, we worked without any profits, trying to get the best people and the best equipment. Now we can proudly say that no-one in town can compete with us. However, getting higher profits is not our goal. This is why we continue to grow and make our company bigger and better. We created more workplaces and allowed locals to get different types of massage, and we kept the prices affordable.

If you want to become a member of our team and join us on our way to greatness, you are always welcome. We are now looking for new masseurs who will be able to carry our or will want to learn exotic types of massage (e.g. bamboo, snails, hot stone) and will work on those “departments” in our company.

If you are not afraid of learning (cause there will be plenty of it) and you’re ready to work with your hands, you can contact us and maybe even work with us later. We are hunting for new passionate members of our little crew.

If you want to share your thoughts with us or leave us some feedback, you can leave it on our website or e-mail us directly. We like to get those pieces of feedback, as your thoughts mean a lot to us. We want to help you feel better and more self-confident with your body and if you have an idea how you could help us on our way, we want to hear it.

If you have any other offers or suggestions, please let us know as soon as possible. We might work together.

We are proud of our salon and we will try to make it even better by getting new equipment and hiring new professionals. We are happy to see positive reviews on cards our clients leave us. We are proud that we are keeping you healthy and happy and we will never stop working on it. You back and your body are safe with us.